Tips for Choosing And Preparing Fabric

Choosing fabric for a quilting project can be as much fun as doing the project itself. Even if to quilters choose the same quilt pattern, different choices of fabric will make each quilt unique. Most quilter’s prefer using fabric that is 100 % cotton because they are easier to sew, mark, press and hand quilt. If you are shopping for fabric in a quilt shop you will rarely find fabric that is not pure cotton. Fabrics will also probably be arranged according to colors and print types.

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All About Hoffman Fabrics

For the quilting enthusiast, one of the most important considerations is the choice of fabric. Let’s face it; a quilt’s beauty is totally dependent on what fabric the quilter chooses. If a quilt is unattractive and doesn’t beg you to reach out and touch it, it probably has a lot to do with the fabric chosen to create it. Quilters in the know solve such potential problems by choosing fabrics from companies that they trust. Based in California, Hoffman Fabrics is a company who has proven their value to quilters over many years, since 1924, in fact. Continue reading “All About Hoffman Fabrics”

All About Appliqué You Need To Know

Appliqué is a quilting technique which involves applying layering one fabric above another and sewing it on. The term appliqué comes from the French word appliquer, which is a French verb meaning “to put on.” Even though the word comes from the French, the technique has been used in many cultures and throughout history, with the earliest examples of appliqué being found thousands of years ago. Learning the uses and how-tos of appliqué will expand the possibilities of quilting enormously for you. Appliqué is a versatile technique which is useful for design options regular quilting can’t accomplish.

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Best Books for Quilting In My Opinions

Whether you are a beginning quilter, or an advanced practitioner of the craft, you will find many books on quilting that will help advance your knowledge. Quilting books fall roughly into several categories, and numerous titles abound in each. The categories of books are how-to, pattern encyclopedias, historical, books about the joy of quilting, and art books.

How-to books are probably the most popular, and the first stop for the beginning quilter. They range from books which discuss the overall craft of quilting and give step-by-step instructions, to books which will take one aspect of quilting and explain how to do it. The instructional books start with such basics as fabric selection and which tools you’ll need and proceed through instructions for assembling the blocks of the quilt top and the quilt itself, down to explanations of quilting, both hand and machine. Every quilter needs at least one of these books in her library, and usually will manage to collect a number of them. It’s amazing how many times you need a ready reference when you are in the middle of a quilting project. Continue reading “Best Books for Quilting In My Opinions”

All About Thread For Quilting

The boom in quilting as a hobby and craft has caused manufacturers to produce a huge variety of thread. Yet you’ll find there is such a wide selection of thread that choosing the correct thread for your quilting project can leave you scratching your head in puzzlement. You’ll find an array of choices, whether you shop at a brick and mortar store on the internet. This article will shed some light on the confusing selection of thread for quilting.

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